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Culture Night

Culture Night 2016

Mr. & Miss Nigeria Independence Pageant

The Cultural Night Committee was created in 2005 by the young adults of the Nigerian community. Their goal was to create events that can be added on to the Nigerian Independence Day Celebration that would allow them to take pride in their country.

The young men and women decided to add a pageant, which is known as the OAN Mr. & Miss Nigeria Independence Pageant. OAN’s pageant is the first-ever Nigerian pageant outside of Nigeria.

Dear Contestants,



We are excited that you are interested in competing to WIN the title of Mr. and Ms. Nigerian Independence Pageant 2015. As you may well know, Nigeria has the largest black population in the world. It is not a misnomer when Nigeria is called the “giant of Africa.”

Thus, the Mr. and Miss Nigerian Independence title is a title of honor, dignity and prestige.

Mr. Nigeria 2014

Mauta Brothers at 2015 Culture Night on Green Carpet

Previous Pageant Contestants

Do you have what it takes to be crowned?

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