The OAN | Reaching a Higher Ground between Presidents
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20 Jul Reaching a Higher Ground between Presidents

Buhari Meets Obama at the White House

Recently Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari has visited the U.S. by invitation from the United States President Barack Obama. This meeting is the end of a long time strained relationship.  With the two presidents meeting this would be the start to strengthen bilateral ties between Nigeria and the U.S.

The meetings consisted of discussions about security problems, U.S. counterterrorism efforts, investment opportunities and repairing corruption in the government system.  The conversation of security problems is directed to the issues from Boko Haram. President Obama  President Buhari spoke at the United States Institute of Peace and said, “Unwittingly, and I dare say unintentionally, the application of the Leahy Law Amendment by the United States government has aided and abetted the Boko Haram terrorists.” As bold as this statement is we have to bid the question of “is it so?”  Though the Leahy law may have unconsciously helped the U.S. withhold help for the Nigerian military it stood in place to prohibit the U.S. from providing military assistant to entities that violate human rights. The law stopped the sale of attack helicopters to the Nigerian military due to the accusation of committing the above. The Nigerian military may have needed the support from the U.S. but they too must restructure the Nigerian military. From Mr. Buhari’s recent replacement of all of his service chiefs, one would say he is aware of a necessary change.

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari’s visit to the U.S. has not gone unnoticed and surely leaves room for severed bilateral relations. Mr. Buhari’s has a high political rating as Nigeria’s new leader. Yes, there is confidence in Mr. Buhari as the newest Nigerian president but there are some concerns about whether he is similar to his predecessor, Goodluck Jonathan.  We can only hope to continue to move forward with Nigeria and the U.S. at peace and mutual understanding.


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